The Classic One (V) £9.00

Pomodoro Tomato Sauce base, herb oil, 

mozzarella & basil leaves.

Cheese, Cheese, Cheese, Cheese (V) £12.00

Mozzarella, dolce latte, smoked applewood,soft ring goats cheese,

rocket leaves & pomodoro tomato sauce base.

Cymru Am Byth £12.00

Smoked streaky bacon, creamy rarebit with whole grain mustard, 

buttered leaks & smoked cheese.

Chicken Pizza £13.00

Pulled Piri spiced chicken, fired red pepper, 

smoked applewood cheese, Alfredo creme fraiche

sauce base & roast paprika spiced almonds.

PepperJack £13.00

Pulled Beef with bourbon & black pepper, jalapeños 

& Alfredo creme fraiche sauce base.


The Flambee £12.00

Streaky smoked bacon, Alfredo creme fraiche base, 

mozzarella, parmesan cheese & crispy onions.

Cured meat & Chilli £13.00

Hand Carved Napoli salami, spicy chorizo, cremes sauce base, 

chilli flakes, jalapeño peppers & parmesan cheese.

Spanish Style £12.00

Spicy Chorizo, Manchego cheese, balsamic braised red onion 

& tomato sauce base.

Roast Squash (V) £11.00

Roast squash, herb oil, red pepper, spinach, hazelnut dukka, 

pomodoro tomato sauce base.

Creamy Mushroom £12.00

Sauteed garlic mushrooms in whit wine & garlic, Alfredo creme fraiche 

oregano, topped with rocket & capers.

Home smoked salmon £13.00

Wood roasted salmon fillet, anchovies, cherry tomatoes, 

rocket, mozzarella.



Wood Fired Pulled Pork £14.00

Soaked in Liqor & spices, creamed corn & charred bacon served with Malden salt crusted roast new potatoes, earthy greens.

Pulled beef Brisket £14.00

Mushroom & baby onion fricassee with beef gravy & black pepper served with Malden salt crusted roast new potatoes, earthy greens.

Wood fired half roast chicken £13.00

Choose heat or sweet, served with Malden salt crusted roast new potatoes & roast corn.

Cumin & Cardamom Confit Lamb £15.00

Pulled slow cooked confit lamb with a lightly spiced curried yoghurt, fresh coriander, lemon & three bean baked rice.

The seafood skillet £16.00

Local market sustainable filleted cutlets of daily fresh fish, thick tomato sauce, herb crumb, with Malden salt crusted new potatoes and earthy greens.


The Brewcaesar £7.00

Romaine lettuce, anchovies, parmesan, caesar dressing, croutons 

(plain - chicken - avocado - bacon - smoked salmon ... £1.50 extra)

Serrano ham, pear & glazed fig £9.00

With dolce latte, fired peppers, balsamic reduction & herb oil. 

Spiced 3 bean & wild rice £ 8.00

Chickpea, kidney & butterbean roasted with lemon, coriander & chilli, served on a hand stretched flatbread with buttermilk dressing. 

(plain - chicken - avocado - bacon - smoked salmon ... £1.50 extra)

Warm salad of bulgur wheat, roast squash & broccoli £8.00

Mixed tender salad leaves, cherry tomatoes & crushed hazelnut dukka.


(£4 each)

Roasted squash & Chilli

Coriander & chilli hummus 

Marinated olives

Roast Chorizo off cuts 

Wood fired halloumi

Serrano Ham & Flatbreads

Homemade Soup & flatbread

Potted Chili & Lemon Chicken

Clay Roast Root Vegetables

Rocket & Parmesan

Olive Bread & Dipping oil Chorizo Bread & dipping oil

Garlic Mushrooms & flatbread

Patatas Bravas 

Barbecue Chicken Wings

Maldon salted New Potatoes

Earthy Greens

Tequila, lime & chilli chicken liver pate & warm flatbreads.